Why Meditation is a superpower


So many people think that Meditation is just a trend and there is no science behind its benefits. I want to show you that it is not a trend but a NEED and the superpower of the 21rst century.


If you ask top CEOs and highly successful people you will find that one of their secret tools is meditation. Meditation is more than just closing your eyes for a few minutes each day. It teaches you so much more than that.

There are different levels and types of meditation. If you are a beginner, then this post is for you. I will explain the actual benefits of meditation and why you should start practicing for a few minutes each day. Once you feel comfortable doing that you can look more into the different types of meditation and try them to see which one you can relate to most.


First here are a few misconceptions about meditation:


Before we begin please remember meditation is never about getting better at meditating it’s about getting better in life. So there is no perfect way to meditate just go with how you feel and don’t judge the meditation as being a good or bad session.

Also meditation is not about stopping any thoughts, that’s impossible to do. Your brain will constantly have thoughts and you can’t stop that, it’s like asking your heart to stop beating. Instead it’s about observing your thoughts and letting them pass without judgment. The more you meditate, the easier this will get and the more your mind will quiet down automatically.

Now here is the most interesting part. How can meditation make you more successful and why I think you should add it as a skill.

In a world full of distraction. Meditation gives you the super power of quieting down and focusing. Think about this for a while when was the last time that you were able to focus on one thing, really deeply focus?? (please take a few minutes to think about this).

We live in the age of distraction, we are always doing more than one thing at a time and therefore we can never really reach our full potential. Meditation helps you with that. Since we are no longer use to stillness this is one of the hardest part of meditation.

You will have so many feelings rushing in: you will get annoyed by the stillness, frustrated and you will have the urge to stop and get up to do something else.

Movement became so easy to us but when was the last time you just sat still?  This is a super power, because it teaches you focus.

In a world full of distraction, focus is an amazing skill to have.  This skill will become useful in other parts of your life, for example you will be able to do your job so much better when you learn the power of focus and unbroken concentration. You will be able to do any job so much better when you have the ability to quiet your mind and focus on each task at hand.

Also, meditation helps you become more creative. It is the new thinking outside of the box. Our box is our brain and no matter how much we try to think outside the box we are limited by our own knowledge and beliefs. When you meditate you surrender and your brain enters a different state (different brain frequency from alpha to theta). It is in this state of mind that people are the most creative and seem to get the best ideas.  Many writers and artist when they feel stuck usually meditate with a pen and a paper near them. Usually after a meditation, ideas flow.

Start slowly even 5 minutes each day can have a big impact on your life. It will be hard at first because we are not use to stillness. There are so many apps that are great for meditation. Pick one that you like most and start from there.


Here are a few apps and websites that I have used:







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