Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

We have three delivery slots depending on what you have ordered:

For those that ordered the breakfast package we deliver:

  • Either on the previous night between 5PM and 10pm
  • Or the same morning between 7AM and 9AM

The delivery time will depend on your location. We will allocate a delivery slot to you but of course we always want you to be happy and will do our best to deliver at your preferred slot.

For lunch or lunch and dinner orders our delivery will be between 8AM and 12PM. If you wish to change this allocation to another slot we can also arrange that for you depending on your location.

The food will be delivered in a cooler bag and will be left according to the instructions given by you.  To ensure a smooth and problem free delivery every time, please fill out the delivery instructions section on the order form to give our drivers as much help as possible to deliver your package exactly where you would like it.

At the start of your subscription the company will contact you to agree on a delivery slot, once that slot is agreed upon please respect the time as the driver has many deliveries and need to stick to schedule to ensure that everyone gets their deliveries on time. The driver will contact you 10 minutes prior to arrival to your location and can wait up to 10 minutes when he arrives to the location. The driver is unable to wait longer than 10 minutes to make sure everyone gets their deliveries on time. In that case please notify who else can pick up your order (this will be indicated on the order sheet) or your order will be moved to another slot after all our other deliveries have been completed.

Daily Goodness wants to be a highly flexible and friendly service. You are free to choose which days of the week you want or do not want food (this can be selected on the order form when placing the order). You are also free to pause the service any time you wish. But PLEASE NOTE that we require 2-3 working days notice if you want to change your delivery order or pause your deliveries. There is no limit on how long you pause for. You can restart after any length of time, just give us 2-3 days notice.

Daily Goodness delivers food every day of the week Sunday to Thursday. On Thursday you will receive two days’ worth of meal that covers Thursday and Friday orders. Saturday deliveries will be made on Saturday.

Once the bag is delivered in accordance with your instructions, the bag and its contents are deemed to be your responsibility. The delivery driver will take reasonable steps to deliver the Food to you. If you feel that your delivery will require special instructions please notify us of this at the time of placing your order.

If, having taken all reasonable steps, Daily Goodness are unable to deliver your Food, Daily Goodness will attempt to contact you. If we can’t deliver after responsible attempts to do so, then we have the right to cancel your subscription and charge you for the day.


The Food will be at your risk from the time of delivery.

Ownership of the Food will pass to you upon delivery after Daily Goodness have received full payment of all sums due in respect of the Food.

Neither Daily Goodness nor the delivery driver shall be deemed responsible for any theft of the Food from the delivery address.

After you have received the cooler bag please place all items that needs to stay chilled in the fridge. Daily Goodness expressly disclaims all liability which may arise by virtue of the Food being left unattended for a period of time after delivery. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering, contamination and the result of any change in temperature in respect of items which need to be kept chilled.


Daily Goodness will take a deposit of 100 riyals for the insulated bag at the beginning of the delivery (only a deposit). This bag remains in the property of Daily Goodness unless you wish to purchase it for a fee.

Should your subscription be paused, the delivery bag for your previous order shall be collected when your deliveries resumes.


The price of the Food and Daily Goodness delivery charges will be as quoted on the Site from time to time.

Where additional delivery costs are applicable, these costs will be clearly indicated during the order process.

Daily Goodness reserve the right to increase the price of the Food to reflect any increase in the cost to us due to any factor beyond Daily Goodness’s control (such as, and without limitation, the cost of transporting the Food to your address, any foreign exchange fluctuation, increases in the cost of raw ingredients, increases in the costs of labour, materials or other costs of manufacture).


Daily Goodness warrant that any Food purchased from us through our Site will, on delivery; conform with its description, be of satisfactory quality, and be reasonably fit for all the purposes for which Food of that kind is commonly supplied.

You warrant that any and all of the Food ordered by you is for your personal use only and not for resale.

Delivery FAQ:

I am allergic to certain ingredients, can you cater for this?

We can remove the food that you are allergic to however if you have a severe allergy and have a history of anaphylactic shock we will contact you to discuss your options. Please notify us of any allergies and a member of the team will call you to discuss your options. Please not that our kitchen handles nuts, milk, eggs and soya.

Remember all our food is completely free of wheat and cow dairy.

What do I do with my empty temperature controlled bag and icepacks?

We will exchange it every day with a fresh, full bag of food.

What if I want to make changes to my food preferences?

Our aim is to create the perfect menu, however you may discover some ingredients that you don’t enjoy. We rely on constant feedback from you so just get in touch to request a change to your profile.

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