Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy

By entering into these Terms you acknowledge that there is no automatic right to a refund where you wish to cancel your subscription for the Services.

If you wish to cancel your subscription all requests must be sent by email to info@www.daily-goodness.com

If you wish to cancel or suspend your subscription, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you notify us at least three (3) full working days before your subscription was due to start, we will cancel your subscription and refund you the full amount paid by you less a 150 SAR administration charge to cover credit card charges and our internal administration costs.

For requests to cancel your subscription later than three full working days before it was scheduled to start, we will endeavor to be flexible and consider your request at our discretion, giving a maximum 50% refund for days not yet taken. Where ingredients have already been purchased or other expenditure incurred (such as credit card, banking, administration or courier charges), we reserve the right to make reasonable allowance for this in any rebate that we may agree to make.
If you would like instead to suspend your delivery at any time during your subscription, we will endeavor to be flexible and consider your request at our discretion, provided that you give us at least three full working days’ notice. Where you have suspended your subscription, please give us three full working days’ notice of when you wish to resume the service.

Daily Goodness require three (3) full working days’ notice in order to cancel your Delivery in all instances (except for the five (5) day package which cannot be cancelled).

For all cancellations given with three (3) days’ notice, the daily price of the package will be adjusted to reflect the number of days actually delivered, and there is a 150 SAR administration charge (Admin Charge) to cover Daily Goodness’s internal administration costs and card processing fees.

If you notify us that you wish to cancel at least three (3) full working days before your first delivery, Daily Goodness will cancel your order and refund a maximum of the full amount paid by you (less the Admin Charge).

Any refunds will be made within thirty (30) days from the date on which your subscription is cancelled.

If you are unhappy with your Food for a legitimate reason such as:

  • Missing Food; OR
  • Failure of Food to arrive.

You MUST inform Daily Goodness within twenty four (24) hours of receipt of your food and, in any case, no later than the day after our records show it as having been delivered to you. Daily Goodness MAY provide a refund or other compensation as appropriate. Any refunds or compensation will be provided at Daily Goodness’s sole discretion.

If due to nonpayment of any money owed to Daily Goodness,  Daily Goodness is required to pause your deliveries until such time that payment has been paid, the next calendar day of delivery (if a delivery is scheduled) shall be deleted from your package in line with our 2 working day notice period policy regarding client schedule changes.

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